In our current state, artificial intelligence and generative design are some of the most exciting advances in engineering technology. However, should we be fearing that our jobs as engineers and designers can quickly be stolen?

Are robots the new engineers?

Having jobs stolen by robots is not a new fear, but it hasn’t always been one that extended into more technical career paths. Seeing how a robot could steal a manufacturing worker’s job may be easy, but come on, they could never do what I do. Now, it’s starting to seem like engineering and more technical jobs may not be safe with current advances.

While our jobs may be feeling less secure, the AI revolution has a plan for unskilled and skilled workers alike. Speaking from an economic burden and cultural perspective, it would be irresponsible to allow innovation to make humans unnecessary. From an efficiency perspective, removing the tricky nature of humans from the equation is supreme optimization.

Leading experts don’t believe that we will be jobless in the future thanks to AI, but our jobs will probably look a little different, according to Wired.

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