Keep track of successful projects, positive outcomes, praise and day-to-day responsibilities so that you’re ready to impress when promotions or job interviews become available, writes Joel Garfinkle. “Quantifiable data is especially persuasive, in part because it measures the impact of your accomplishments,” Garfinkle writes.



Who is keeping track of your career successes and ensuring they’re documented for your next performance discussion? Unless you’re in a really unusual situation, there’s only one person tasked with that job — you. Are you keeping up with the responsibility?

In my presentation “Release the Untapped Potential of Your Underutilized Leaders,” I discuss the importance of tracking your success, why to make it a priority and how to raise your visibility so you make more of your accomplishments known.


Why you should track

Maybe it seems like a lot of effort, or you’re uncomfortable with the self-interested nature of investing time in writing down all you’ve achieved in your career. It can feel a bit indulgent, but a few minutes spent regularly can make a huge difference in your lifetime career trajectory, not to mention your own confidence and daily outlook.


Track regularly, because:
  • You will forget. We are almost always fooling ourselves when it comes to how good our memories are. Our brains are, unfortunately, much better at remembering mistakes, so be sure to write down all your wins, big and small.
  • Everyone else forgets. Even if you remember all your successes over the past year (or five!), your superiors are extremely unlikely to be able to recount them without notes. Make it easy on you and them by keeping track of your accomplishments.
  • Be interview-ready. Perhaps you will never use the information in your current position, but you will be grateful when you are ready to speak to your suitability for any opportunity that comes your way, at a moment’s notice. Interviewing and self-promotion are skills that need regular practice. Even if you go years between interviews or performance appraisals, frequently reviewing your own list will keep it all fresh and top of mind.