Many of us have been working remotely for several weeks, while for others, this has been their norm for years. Ever-improving technology allows us this privilege, while just 10 years ago it would not have been as possible.

Although technological advances assist us in doing our jobs, perhaps more so at this challenging time, technology is no substitute for trust and won’t be in the future.Last week, several members of our Trust Alliance convened once again for a weekly Lunch & Learn. The topic? “Trust Lessons from Working Remotely.”

Trust Alliance members including Lea Brovedani, Stephen M.R. Covey, Natalie Doyle Oldfield, Charles Feltman, Sean Flaherty, Darshan Kulkarni, Olivia Mathijsen and Bob Whipple joined me in a very lively discussion, offering dozens of excellent insights. I have selected the best and divided them into three categories.

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