If you have a teenager in your life, you’re probably already familiar with the video-sharing social media app called TikTok and perhaps the K-pop musical genre, as well.

If not, the recent fervor over the turnout in this past weekend’s rally by President Donald Trump has likely introduced you to them.For those unfamiliar with what transpired, Trump predicted that his rally would attract enough supporters to fill the 19,000-seat BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla.

So confident were organizers that his campaign planned for overflow events outside of the arena. By early last week, things looked promising for a huge turnout, with the Trump campaign reporting that over 1 million ticket requests had come in for the event scheduled for a city of just over 401,000 people.

As it turns out, both TikTok users and K-pop fans engaged in their own form of social commentary in response. For background, the rally was planned for the weekend of Juneteenth and in a city that was the site of a racial massacre 99 years ago. Hosting a rally there was viewed by many as particularly tone-deaf during this time of global social unrest.

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