This week we’re talking about The B1M’s latest video “The $7BN Plan to Save New York’s Most Hated Train Station” – that’s right, Manhattan’s Penn Station is finally getting an update.

Later, we talk about a 480-metre supertall skyscraper that’s broken ground in Shanghai. Inspired by the form of a magnolia — the flower of Shanghai — the Shanghai North Bund Center has been conceived by KPF as a “vertical city” and is set to contain housing, office spaces, hospitality and tourist attractions.

Then we’re heading to Columbia, Maryland where the City’s set to get a new lakeside public library designed by Heatherwick Studio for Howard County Libraries. Inspired by Columbia’s origins as a planned city in the 1960s, the tree-topped five storey structure is intended to act as a joint community and educational hub with walkable rooftops will enable visitors to explore the building’s exterior, surrounded by native plant and tree species.