China recently announced new rules on tall building construction, but it remains to be seen how strictly they will be implemented.

What we do know is that the country has at least one new skyscraper on the way, and it will be a striking building with decorative features on its facade that are likened to eyes by designer RMJM.Created by RMJM’s Shenzhen studio, the New Pingshan Eye skyscraper will reach a height of 250 m (820 ft) in Shenzhen’s burgeoning Pingshan district. Its exterior will sport two of the “eyes,” one of which will be situated roughly at the building’s center, with another closer to the top.

The design by RMJM Shenzhen focuses on resolving the two paradoxical concepts of ‘Openness’ and ‘Enclosure,'” explains the firm. “The studio developed the concept of ‘The Eyes of Pingshan,’ which in combination form a unique visual feature, one that looks out onto the future of Shenzhen while at the same time appearing to peel back the facades to reveal the buildings within.

“The eye-shape ornaments, strikingly carved into the upper and central facades of the 250 m main tower and around the tower entrances, are replicated elsewhere within the scheme and create an unusual visual metaphor for the ‘Openness’ theme. ‘Enclosure’ is achieved by situating the multiple open, outdoor spaces above street level, creating a sense of safety and protection from the busy world to be found outside of the complex.”