MPA UK Concrete, the group representing the UK concrete industry, has developed a framework to help inform the delivery of an ambitious roadmap for the UK concrete and cement sector to deliver net-negative emissions by 2050.

In preparing the roadmap, UK Concrete explores the use of existing and emerging technologies including energy efficiency, fuel switching, low-carbon cements and concretes, and Carbon Capture, Usage or Storage (CCUS) to deliver the UK Government’s net-zero target.

To go beyond net-zero and deliver net-negative, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than the industry emits each year, the emerging model will use the natural properties of concrete, including carbonation and thermal mass.

The roadmap will not rely upon carbon offsetting or offshoring of production for emissions reduction. It will also be used to inform net-zero strategies for other mineral products including aggregates, asphalt, dimension stone, lime, mortar and silica sand.

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