​It was a year ago that we first heard about Transcend Air Corporation’s Vy 400, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that will ferry passengers in and out of cities.
Now, the Boston-based company has announced plans for floating environmentally-friendly landing pads for the aircraft.Known as “vertipads,” the barge-based landing spots are being developed in a partnership between Transcend and Indiana’s Lily Helipads. According to Transcend, a network of the pads will be installed on bodies of water adjacent to city centers – planned locations include Boston Harbor, the Manhattan waterfront, Montreal’s riverfront, and San Francisco Bay.
Each vertipad will be entirely solar-powered, and will use that power for a patented LED take-off and landing lighting system, along with a heating system that melts away snow and ice. The pads will reportedly also be crash- and hurricane-proof, plus they will incorporate a fluid runoff capture system, that keeps liquids such as de-icer and fuel from entering the water.