There’s more to gravel driveway ideas than meets the eye — find out how to make this simple materials shine with expert top tips and design inspiration.



Gravel driveway ideas are popular thanks to the material’s cost-effectiveness, optional DIY installation and inherent traditional country charm, but it’s not always easy to know how to style a driveway to look it’s best.

When looking for the right material to cover your driveway, security, durability, maintenance and cost should be always on your mind. While no material will tick every box, gravel is definitely a front-runner for many of them.So, we’ve selected our favourite examples of gravel driveways done right with loads of inspiration on how to make boring driveway ideas look special.


Gravel Driveway Ideas: What to Consider

Getting your driveway design right will impact the overall kerb appeal of your property, as well as the practicalities of using it every day to enter and exit.

When looking at how to lay a gravel driveway DIY, you’ll need to lay a retaining grid so the stones are kept evenly in place. A weed membrane is also essential, lest you spend every summer fighting against nature.

“It’s more forgiving in terms of looking natural and is readily available for any required maintenance,” says Odie Green from Odie Green Garden Design.


1. Use Border Edging Between a Gravel Driveway and a Lawn

Where your front garden ideas are going to sit adjacent to a gravel driveway, it’s best to separate the two using a paved boarder or edging so the stone chips don’t get into your lawn mower when cutting the grass.

While this is a practical consideration, it also provides an aesthetic one, too. Lawn edging ideas neaten garden designs and where a material, such as gravel, moves around, ensuring everything is in its place will certainly improve kerb appeal.Plus, a useful path around the gravel can be formed using paving — something anyone walking out the house in heels will appreciate!