Authors: Ahmad M. Firdaus, BEng, MEng Guy T. Houlsby, MA, DSc, FREng, FICE Thomas A. A. Adcock, MEng, DPhil


Located in between the Flores and Adonara islands, Larantuka Strait has one of the strongest tidal currents in Indonesia. A bridge 810 m long is planned to be constructed across the strait to connect the islands.

The Palmerah Tidal Bridge project, commenced in 2019, is planned to be the first combined tidal energy/bridge project worldwide. By combining the installation of turbines with bridge construction, the project is intended to achieve certain economies. However, the financial viability would depend on the power production at this site.

This study is an independent assessment regarding the tidal energy resources, estimating the average power available at possible array locations in the area of the Palmerah Tidal Bridge. This paper examines alternative locations for turbine deployment along the strait as well. Moreover, it also discusses the flow-field change and its effects on the Indonesian throughflow in the region.

This paper discovers that the average available power from this site is lower than the output that has been predicted for this project. However, if the prediction is the maximum (as opposed to average) power available for the subsequent stages, then this study would prove that the numbers are achievable.

Keywords: energy maritime engineering renewable energy

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