David Baga, Lyft’s outgoing Chief Business Officer, is no stranger to building teams. At both Lyft and Rocket Lawyer—where he served as the Chief Revenue Officer—Baga grew the sales teams from one person (himself) to a team of over 100, high-performing employees.

This is no easy feat. Hiring people who will produce great work, go above and beyond, and consistently help a company thrive requires a great leader. (And Baga’s team certainly does help Lyft thrive—Lyft Business accounts for about 25% of the company’s total revenue.) Baga has these three tips for successfully putting together and leading top-notch teams.

Prior to joining Lyft in 2015, Baga spent five years at Rocket Lawyer. At the beginning of his time there, the company had 22 employees and $2 million in annual revenue. In comparison, Rocket Lawyer’s annual revenue today is around $50 million, and they have a few hundred employees.