The new Swiss headquarters for the Olympic and Paralympic Gamesis finished — and the building, in the city of Lausanne, is the most sustainable in the world, the architects say.
Designed by Danish architects 3XN and built in collaboration with Swiss architects IttenBrechbühl, the building occupies a scenic spot on the shore of Lake Geneva, inside Louis Bourget Park and next to the 18th-century Château de Vidy, which is also used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Created for the IOC’s 500 employees, the design of the new HQ pays homage to the Olympic legacy, while also maximizing eco-friendly features — over 95% of the materials from the buildings being replaced were reused or recycled, and the building scores highly against three major sustainability certifications, 3XN said.
Rainwater will be collected on site and used for plant irrigation and for the building’s toilets, and the roof hosts solar panels, which the architects say will produce “an amount of electricity equivalent to the consumption of 60 Swiss households.”
“For now, it’s the most sustainable building in the world,” Kim Herforth Nielsen, founder and senior partner at 3XN, told CNN.
The building’s facade is shaped so that it is self-shading from the sun, minimizing the need for air conditioning while allowing daylight to flood the glass structure.