The Next Pave:
Next Generation of Concrete Pavers Focus on Keeping it Simple For Operators


As in all Conexpo-Con/Agg years, it was all hands on deck for concrete paver manufacturers in 2020. The industry continues to roll out innovative features to take on a wider range of tasks, integrate more game-changing technology and simplify operations for concrete paving crews.

Originally designed to take on an exceedingly specific task – pave the areas between the rebar in the concrete plinths for light rail projects – Allen Engineering has reconfigured its new VLP 2424 to tackle a range paving applications.

The innovative VLP, or Versatile Light Paver, uses overhead main frame sections to support and provide rigidity to the paver frame. Paving profile frames attached to the main frame strike-off and pave concrete to the desired grade. Being self-propelled, the paver lets the operator adjust its speed to match concrete delivery, while still providing a smooth finish.

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