Hogh Seaton



For many of us in the construction industry, “tech” is a four-letter word. It promises to make our jobs easier, but in reality, we may spend so much time struggling to learn new software that we wonder, is it worth it?

And then there’s the threat that Al and robots will make our jobs, and our people, obsolete. Sometimes, it feels like it might be better to give up on technology and go all the way back to pen and paper. The “Construction Technologoy Handbook” shows us that we don’t need to return to the stone age to reclaim our confidence. We are already using technology every day, whether we think about it that way or not. New tech tools are just that, tools, and tools are a construction professional’s friends.

When we shift our thinking, we become more capable. This book is a guide to doing just that. Construction CEOs and contractors know that pulling buildings out of the ground is hands-on work. We often learn our trades on the job, and we need to be able to see exactly how new tools will fit into what we do.


This Book is Written for

“The Construction Technology Handbook” is ideal for CEO’s, Project Managers, Civil Enginers, and Researchers. This handbook will also give the general contractor, subcontractor, tech vendor and worker the context to understand where they sit in the broader evolution of construction technology.



1 Introduction
2 Software
3 Software Networks
4 Construction Software
5 Industrialized Construction
6 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
7 Applying Artificial Intelligence
8 Future Tools
9 Innovation and Technology Adoption
10 The Digital Construction Mindset


Print length

208 pages





Publication Date

2 Mar. 2021



15.49 x 2.79 x 23.11 cm