A house in the countryside of East Sussex, England, is believed to be the first built with Resilia, a type of fiber-reinforced concrete that helps curtail a structure’s carbon footprint while lowering construction time and costs. The structure was designed to look like a monolithic mass emerging from the ground.



Architecture photography studio Tarry + Perry has documented a concrete house hidden within a verdant site in southern England to spotlight its monastic character and unexpectedly warm interiors.

The rural dwelling, appropriately named Concrete House, was designed by former office Raw Architecture Workshop for a young family in East Sussex.Tarry + Perry is the first photography studio to have captured the dwelling since its completion in 2018.

Concrete House is designed to nestle within its tree-lined site, evoking a monolithic mass that has been pushed up from the earth.To achieve this, it was crafted almost entirely from concrete, with a distinctive stepped form that references the South Downs ridgeline over which the house looks.

According to the client, the home is the first building to have been constructed entirely from Resilia – a type of fibre reinforced concrete that negates the need for steel reinforcements.