Do your high-performing teams have overlooked leaders in their midst? It’s not uncommon for the best groups in our organization to contain a number of hidden leaders, just waiting to be discovered.Why? Because hidden leaders are quietly working behind the scenes to make things better for both their colleagues and the organization.

In my corporate training “Release Untapped Potential of Your Underutilized Leaders,” I help companies uncover the high-valued talent inside their organization who are just waiting to be engaged, empowered and leveraged. If you want to take your already high-performing teams up another notch, read on.

1. When individuals shine, the team shines

A good leader is not a soloist. When you recognize the individual hidden leaders on your team, many among them are going to turn around and recognize the success of the team as a whole. Your hidden leaders are often less traditional in their approach – more understated, more collaborative and less likely to be out front shining a light on their own achievements. As such, when you create opportunities to recognize the good work they do – as individuals and as a group – you’re valuing the whole team.

2. Maintain team bonds

Teams rely on having distinct yet cohesive skills and abilities. The chronically overlooked often include women, minorities and introverts. Finding and recognizing your hidden leaders will ensure you maximize the perspectives at the table and improve retention by acknowledging the historically undervalued.