The pandemic has forced companies and organizations of all sizes (as well as individuals and families) to explore how they have been affected, what the unfolding shifts will mean for their futures and how they can adapt to the ongoing changes.

Various terms have been used to describe the shifts and changes that have begun to emerge — the new normal, the next normal, uncertain times, turbulent times, radical uncertainty and the great reset, to name a few. There is undoubtedly a common perception that whatever the future brings,

companies and organizations will not be going back to the old normal. Whether in small or large ways, institutions will not be returning to the way things used to be.

The premise of this article is that senior leaders must recognize that the new normal will vary widely from one company to the next, from within and across different sectors, and between public and private entities. It would be a mistake for leaders to define the new normal in only systemic or macroeconomic terms.