Strategic thinking is always important; it’s a critical foundation skill for effective leaders. But in crucible leadership moments like the present, it has outsized importance.When rapid change is happening all around us, even the immediate future is wildly uncertain, and the potential range of outcomes is vast, this is when strategic thinking is most needed. It is also when it can be most challenging to do.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

― Albert Einstein

Each day that the current pandemic crisis extends and evolves, it becomes more apparent that this is not going to be limited to a short-term event. This does not relieve us as leaders from having to make critical short-term decisions — in some cases to survive — but we must simultaneously make decisions that will impact the mid– and longer–term.

While we have far from perfect information about the longer horizon, the decisions we make now could be literally “make or break” decisions for the long term.

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