Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual, Tenth Edition, is designed to get dirty.

This ideal complement to any Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Mechanics textbook is ring-bound and ‘flexi-covered’ so students can have it on hand at the lab bench or in the field.

Content is organized around standard lab project workflow: It includes over 25 lab projects that are closely aligned to current ASTM standards followed by data sheets for collecting field data and another set for preparing laboratory reports.


This Book Written for

Geotechnical and soil mechanics engineers, students and laboratories



1.Laboratory Test and Preparation of Report
2.Determination of Water Content
3.Specific Gravity of Soil Solids
4. Sieve Analysis
5. Hydrometer Analysis6.
6.Liquid Limit Test-Percussion Cup Method
7.Liquid Limit Test-Fall Cone Method
8. Plastic Limit Test
9.Shrinkage Limit Determination
10.10. Engineering Classification of Soils
11. Standard Proctor Compaction Test
12.Determination of Field Unit Weight of Compaction by Sand Cone Method
13.Minimum and Maximum Dry Densities of Granular Soil (Sand
14. Constant-Head Permeability Test in Sand
15.Falling-Head Permeability Test in Sand
16.Direct Shear Test on Sand
17. Unconfined Compression Test
19.Unconsolidated-undrained Triaxial Test on Cohesive Test Soil
20. Cnconsolidated-undrained Triaxial Test on Cohesive Test Soil
21.Consolidated-drained Triaxial Test on Sands
22.Resilient Modulus for cohesive and granular Soils
23.California Bearing Ratio for laboratory Compacted Soils


Print Length

400 pages






27.61 x 3 x 23.39 cm