The Shurayrah Bridge in Saudi Arabia has been completed as part of the first phase of the Red Sea Destination Project. The bridge, which is the longest water-crossing span in the Kingdom, was built with more than 600 precast concrete blocks as part of an effort to reduce adverse environmental effects.



JEDDAH — The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) announced that it has completed construction of Shurayrah Bridge, the longest water bridge in Saudi Arabia.

The company said that it has celebrated the installation of the last concrete block, weighing 400 tons, in the construction of the bridge that is an essential part of the infrastructure of the first phase of the Red Sea Destination Project, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year 2023.

The 1.2km iconic bridge is part of the 3.3km crossing from the mainland to the project’s main hub island Shurayrah. The bridge will stretch a total of 1.2km across the Red Sea, with two small 36m sections at each end of the crossing to allow for movement of marine mammals.

According to an official source at TRSDC, the bridge was designed “in accordance with the highest standards of environmental commitment and sustainability, to be an architectural icon while protecting and preserving the environment during the construction and operation of the bridge.”

The source noted that the construction of the bridge’s basic structure has been completed and work is now underway on asphalting the bridge, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported.

The source said that the first phase of the Red Sea Destination Project marked an important development with the completion of more than 50 percent of its work, in addition to the full operation of many major assets, including a 4-star hotel run by TRSDC, and the company’s offices at the Destination site, as well as the largest nursery in the Middle East. The work is progressing well so as to receive guests by the end of this year, when the Destination’s first hotels will open.