Jinqing Jia, Qi Cao, Lihua Zhang,Yulong Hu and Zihan Meng



Different from the traditional concrete mixing procedure, the innovative post-filling coarse aggregate concrete (PFCC) reduces the cost of pumping concrete by increasing the coarse aggregate content and reducing the usage of cement.

Previous studies have shown that PFCC enhances the compressive strength, elastic modulus, and flexural strength of concrete. In this paper, the shear behavior of 13 post-filling coarse aggregate concrete beams and 3 control beams was tested to determine the relationships between the shear performance of the beam and the post-filling coarse aggregate ratio, concrete strength grade, shear span ratio and stirrup reinforcement ratio.

The results showed that the ultimate shear capacity of beam specimen increases first and then decreases with the increase in post-filling coarse aggregate ratio, reaching the maximum at 15% post-filling ratio. The results also indicated that the ultimate shear capacity of the beam increases with the increase in concrete strength grade and stirrup ratio.

However, experimental results exhibited that the ultimate shear capacity decreases as the shear span ratio increases. This study provides a reference for the application of post-filling coarse aggregate concrete in engineering practice.



post-filling coarse aggregate concrete; beam; post-filling coarse aggregate ratio; shear span ratio; shear capacity