Seung-Jae Lee and Tae-Sung Eom



This study investigated the seismic vulnerability of piloti-type bearing wall buildings supported by columns and walls on a weak first floor. Linear and nonlinear static analyses were performed to investigate the contributions of the columns and walls to lateral strength and stiffness, depending on torsional irregularity.

The results show that the columns and walls were dominated by flexure and in-plane shear, respectively. Before yielding, the walls resisting in-plane shear mainly contributed to the stiffness and strength of the buildings; as shear cracking and yielding of the walls occurred, the contribution of the columns to the strength increased.

Thus, during the inelastic behavior, the columns significantly contributed to the peak strength and ductility. Based on the results, design and detailing requirements for the columns and walls on a weak first floor were proposed. The validity of the proposed method was verified through nonlinear static and dynamic analyses.



nonlinear static analysis; piloti; seismic design; soft story; torsional irregularity; wall; weak story