Percepto is laying a plan to expand inspection robotics from drones to other forms and is advancing the strategy with $45 million in funding. The plan includes third-party platforms, such as Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot, providing a safer, cheaper and more thorough alternative to human inspection.



Autonomous inspection solutions company Percepto today announced a $45 million round. The funds come as Percepto pivots from drone-based products to general robotics-driven inspections incorporating third-party platforms like Boston Dynamics’ Spot.

According to a report from Technavio, the inspection robot market has the potential to grow to $3.72 billion between 2020 and 2024, bolstered by industries spanning energy, oil and gas, and mining. Beyond their cost-effectiveness, robots have the ability to travel where humans can’t — either for safety or physical reasons.

Machines like Spot can also be equipped with specialized hardware that delivers more detailed, consistent analytics and insights than an inspector could.“The pandemic both highlighted and accelerated the need for many large industrial companies to consider remote autonomous data collection and autonomous analysis using our drones to mitigate some of the risk,” a Percepto spokesperson said in a statement.

“[It also] highlighted the exposure of heavy industrial sites due to the reduction of on-site workforce which seriously impeded both planning and operations, significantly increasing the risk to business continuity and security.