Of all the problems caused by the pandemic, too much technology wouldn’t seem like a priority. But being overwhelmed by ever-present technology is a real phenomenon, especially as employees continue to absorb new software, apps and processes driven by the pandemic. Not to mention everything going on at home and in their communities.

The good news for managers is that this isn’t just about coming to your team’s rescue. You also have an opportunity to help them today while helping your organization be smarter and more strategic going forward.Why would tech be a problem, you ask? After all, it’s technology that has enabled so many companies to function remotely without shutting down. Businesses that maintained a physical presence have benefited from moving operations and sales online, from communication tools, business software and more.

And even though education has all sorts of problems in the US right now, technology has given districts and colleges options they wouldn’t have had even 30 years ago. Let us not forget that a different sort of technology will help us treat and vaccinate against the coronavirus.

But of course, there is too much of a good thing. Just ask anyone about Zoom fatigue, not to mention how frustrating technology can be when we initially struggle to understand and use it. Remote work and a lack of in-person interactions can exacerbate this reliance on technology and our feelings about it, There’s also a strategic and financial angle.