Episode Info

In this episode, which is part of our Women in Civil Engineering series, I talk with Elia Twigg, PE, who is the local agency manager and Senior Project engineer for CONSOR Engineers about her career work in the public AND private sectors, and how she had to manage more than 20 people at the age of 25 with no prior experience.

Here Are Some of the Questions I Ask Elia:

  • Why would you say that public works, in general, is important in engineering?
  • How do politics affect top-level management, both in the public and private sectors?
  • What are some management skills you learned in the public sector, and how have they helped you while working in the private sector?
  • Why do you think it is important for engineers to get involved in professional organizations?
  • How did understanding how budgeting works help you in the work you do in the local government?
    What is one final piece of advice that you would like to give our listeners out there?