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Command and control leadership is losing ground to a new style—one that emphasizes creativity, resilience, authenticity and a willingness to reach out for help. Two TED@PMI speakers discuss the must-have skills of the modern leader.

Billy Samuel Mwape, PMP, assistant information and communications technology manager at Development Bank of Zambia in Lusaka, discusses resilience and letting team members make mistakes. He also talks about a very personal project: unifying a team of therapists in response to his son’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Chiwuike Amaechi, PMP, principal subsea intervention engineer at Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Co. in Lagos, Nigeria, discusses the power of storytelling and shares how he uses the skill to drive home the points he wants to make to his team.

Key themes

  • [01:17] Leaders wielding creativity, empathy and resilience
  • [02:46] Traits of resilience: Know the roadmap and be transparent
  • [07:01] How uncertainty drives creativity
  • [12:19] Using storytelling to unite teams
  • [14:20] The role of listening for storytellers
  • [16:06] When crafting stories, reflect and be deliberate