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India is at a crossroads, a moment that may determine whether its economy can grow fast enough to support its rising population. To survive—and thrive—will require new ways of thinking.

Rachna Singh, IT deployment program manager at Amazon in Bengaluru, discusses how the IT business has changed in India over the course of her career, what lies ahead—and the skills project professionals need to succeed in the sector.

Ankur Jain, founder and CEO at Bira 91 in New Delhi, talks about some of the challenges he’s faced while scaling up his craft brewery and how cross-functional teams are helping his company innovate.

Key themes

  • [01:14] A time of growth in India
  • [03:03] Change of mindset and innovation in IT
  • [05:40] Focusing on communication, risk and technical skills
  • [08:06] Bringing craft brewing to India
  • [13:43] How cross-functional teams help Bira 91 innovate