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COVID-19 has forever changed how—and where—people work. Some people are returning to the office, while others are remaining remote or adopting a new hybrid style. And it’s up to designers to reimagine offices in ways that encourage collaboration and innovation, no matter where team members are. Guests are:

Todd Heiser, principal and co-managing director, Gensler Chicago: Heiser discusses designing offices as places where people come together, the growing focus on health and well-being in workplaces, and integrating technology.

Kahn Yoon, director, international projects, M Moser Associates, Singapore: Yoon discusses how companies are using office design to drive cultural change. He also talks about how the pandemic fueled interest in biophilia, air quality and touchless tech.


Key Themes

  • [01:10] COVID-19’s impact on where and how people work
  • [02:35] Designing offices with choice and health in mind
  • [05:30] Creating workspaces where both in-person and virtual work can thrive
  • [14:49] Driving cultural change through design
  • [18:07] The lasting focus on well-being, from air quality to biophilic design
  • [20:23] The ROI of office design