OK, I know this title may sound a little odd – what’s the point of non-verbal communication on virtual teams?

But there are actually several ways that this is important, and by the end of this post, we’ll cover eight techniques to improve your ability to communicate effectively without saying a word, even when our teammates are miles away.

In the real world, experts tell us that non-verbal communication accounts for the great majority of the total content of our communication. It stands to reason, then, that the more important the message, the more visual and auditory clues we want to be able to include in the conversation.

That’s a big reason for why, when it comes to important, sensitive, or complex topics like performance evaluation, bringing change, or soliciting feedback, we want to address them in person if we can. We want all possible non-verbal cues available to help us get the message across.

When that’s not possible, we want to pick the most robust tool we can find, and high-quality video becomes the medium of choice. But the moment we switch to a virtual system a few things change that are worth keeping in mind.