In the age of internet shopping, a lot of malls have been found surplus to requirements and closed, but MVRDV offers one idea for what to do with them with its recently-completed Tainan Spring.

The project transforms a dilapidated old mall into a lagoon and park in Tainan, Taiwan.ainan Spring, which was created along with local firm LLJ Architects and The Urbanists Collaborative, was first unveiled back in 2015 under the name T-Axis and measures 54,600 sq m (almost 600,000 sq ft).

It was a big job and involved demolishing the 1980s shopping mall that was previously on the site. This was, according to MVRDV, “meticulously recycled,” though some structural elements were retained, including an underground parking area, which was turned into a sunken public plaza with a swimming pool.Additionally, in a nice touch, the firm installed a glass floor area to enable people to see the former mall’s structure beneath.