A geometric pattern of glass reinforced concrete slats covers the exterior of this housing block in Málaga, which has been designed by Muñoz Miranda Architects.

Named the The New Brick Tectonic, the block designed by Spanish practice Muñoz Miranda Architects has been longlisted in the 2019 Dezeen Awards.One of a series of buildings created to rejuvenate a post-industrial seaside strip on the Mediterranean coast in Málaga it contains 73 The architecture studio used a 20th century smokestack on the site – the only remnant of its industrial heritage – as the starting point for their design.

The facade is made from panels of glass reinforced concrete (GRC) that are designed to appear as if they have been pushed and pulled “as though sculpted from clay”.The project had the challenge of combining trendiness, tradition and respect for the nearby heritage of the industrial chimney,” explained the studio.

“It proposes a materiality in dialogue with [the smokestack], but using bricks with a different technique, assuming a new contemporaneity and forming an abstract and massive facade in lightened prefacticated concrete”.