The Tourist Information Office of Bressanone in the Italian province of South Tyrol provides a contemporary contrast to its historic surroundings.

Dubbed as the “TreeHugger” by locally based practice MoDus Architects, the project is a dynamic concrete building designed with sinuous curves, sharp corners, and a large overhang that cantilevers out toward the new public square. But perhaps the building’s most defining feature is the way it wraps around an existing tree in the heart of the project.

Completed in September 2019, the project was the winning design of a 2016 international competition.The body of the building is lifted to free up the ground level that can be used as public space by the city. According to the architects, the design complements surrounding buildings like the adjacent Bishop’s Palace, or the way the visual and tactile qualities of the building’s bush-hammered concrete complements the rough bark of the tree.