America is a land of opportunity, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the construction industry, which offers countless ways for someone to find career fulfillment, not only in terms of the variety of trades involved but in project type and location.

Work in construction offers the classic American story: someone can start on the ground floor (literally) and work their way into a highly technical profession—or management or entrepreneurship or all the above. The challenge is connecting job seekers to those opportunities. How can companies go about building a talent pipeline?

It is no secret that the construction industry has an image problem. Right now, many people have the misconception that jobs in the trades or in construction offer poor and unsafe working conditions, low pay and long hours. But today, men and women in skilled trades earn very competitive wages and benefits, use the latest technology and have access to various training and development programs to support their career objectives.

Educating the public regarding these advantages is crucial; the current stigma needs to be replaced with the understanding that there are lucrative, rewarding careers in the construction industry.

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