Every organization is being challenged and stressed by the Pandemic. Every leader is being called upon to lead others through this complex human horror.

Many leaders that I talk to are focused on “what” we should do – running lots of financial scenario planning exercises preparing for the “what if’s”.When do we furlough or fire more people? When do we start bringing back people? That is necessary but not sufficient in my view.What is also needed is a comprehensive detailed plan on the “how” you will bring people back to work. A plan focused on Human Physical Safety in the workplace. COVID-19 requires this!

By now every leader has either heard about or implemented the concept of Psychology Safety in the workplace to enable the highest level of human cognitive, emotional and behavioral performance.I believe that if you want the highest level of human performance that is possible under the current circumstances when you bring your people back to work, your people will need to feel you are doing everything possible to make the workplace physically safe for them. Physical safety in this environment is necessary for people to feel psychologically safe. You have to doing everything you can do to mitigate fear and anxiety about physical safety.