During this time, organizations are in different places when it comes to their employees and employment. By this I mean some companies are hiring, where others are cutting hours, and/or considering furloughs and layoffs. In fact, it could also be possible that one department or division of the organization is cutting back while another has a lot of work and not enough employees.

Unfortunately, regardless of where your organization is during this time, it doesn’t make you immune to having to deliver bad news. This could be a real struggle for organizations and managers that have never really had to deliver bad news before. Or they haven’t had to deliver bad news in quite some time.

But it is possible to deliver bad/sad news in a way that’s respectful to employees. This is an area where human resources departments can help. We can listen and coach managers through the process of crafting and delivering tough messages. The way to do it is by keeping the basic tenets of the employee experience in mind.

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