Learn how to make requests that elicit genuine, voluntary agreements from employees, ensuring better commitment and reducing pressure.



In the workplace, it’s common to feel the need to push employees to agree to tasks, often leading to feelings of regret and resentment. Research indicates that people frequently agree to requests they would rather decline, particularly when the requester holds a position of power. This dynamic can lead to poor-quality work and lower overall engagement.

To address this issue, it’s essential to obtain genuine, voluntary agreement from employees. Traditional methods place the onus on the stead, requesters can adopt strategies that empower employees to make their own decisions without feeling pressured.


Three effective strategies are highlighted:

1. Give People Time to Respond

Allowing employees time to consider a request and respond later can reduce the pressure of agreeing on the spot.

2. Ask for Responses Over Email

Email provides a medium for employees to craft their responses thoughtfully, making it easier to decline requests comfortably.

3. Share an Examp how  to Say No

Providing specific language for refusal can help employees feel more empowered to decline without discomfort.


By implementing these strategies, managers can foster a workplace environment where employees feel respected and genuinely engaged, leading to better commitment and productivity.





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