Danah Albuhairi and Luigi Di Sarno



The sustainability of the construction industry is a priority in innovations made towards mitigating its notoriously high carbon emissions.Developments in low-carbon concrete technology are of peak interest today under the scrutiny of emerging policy pressures.

Concrete is the external part of most structures vulnerable to permanent degradation and weathering, the possibility of an intrinsic restoration of its engineering properties promises unprecedented advancements towards structural resilience.

Existing research in self-healing concrete (SHC) has often concerned the scope of material development and evaluation with inconclusive field testing, hindering its progress towards structural feasibility. This paper presents an overview of recent progress in SHC, and possible opportunities and challenges of popular healing systems are discussed.

Moreover, trends are observed to investigate SHC’s influence on the engineering properties of concrete, and future projections of SHC are suggested with identification of potential research needs.



low-carbon concrete; sustainability; structural resilience; self-healing concrete application