I was not long out of college and I thought what I had learned in the classroom and my first few years in the working world would be enough.

In school, my professors tried to teach me as much as they could about business and leadership, and in turn, I tried to absorb as much as I could.And in my early work life, I watched closely what my supervisors were doing and saying and tried to pick up pointers from them.

So when I got my big opportunity, I thought I had just about every tool I needed to go out into the big old world, make my mark, and lead like I’d been doing it for years.Well, turns out, I was (very) wrong. I had only begun to scratch the surface of what leadership was all about.

So I can tell you, without any hesitation – you have so much more to learn! There are so many things that you can’t find in any school textbooks, case studies, business simulations, best-selling leadership books, podcasts, and any other outside source in your pre-leadership world that will make the difference on whether you achieve your professional dreams.

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