Learning to lead is hard work. You’ll be learning to lead for your entire career. The big question is, how will you learn to lead well? That’s a challenge, because you don’t learn leadership the way you learn many other things in life.

Learning Leadership Is Not Like Learning History

History is a fascinating subject. You can read books about history, take history courses, and participate in reenactments. But learning history is all head learning. Leadership is not like that. Leadership is a doing discipline. Learning about leadership is not learning to lead.Learning Leadership Is Not Like Learning to Play the PianoIf you want to learn leadership, knowing is not enough. As my friend, Rod Santomassimo, tells his clients,

Maybe you think learning leadership is like learning to play the piano. After all, you can’t learn to play the piano by reading about it, you must do it. But there are significant differences between learning to play the piano and learning to lead.If you want to learn to play the piano, you can engage in what Anders Ericsson calls “deliberate practice.” That’s great, but deliberate practice only applies in specific domains.

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