Is Smart Glass a Missed Opportunity for the Smart City?

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Craig Henricksen, vice president of product & marketing at Kinestral Technologies, Inc.From San Diego to Singapore, Columbus, OH to Copenhagen, municipalities have been making a variety of smart city moves, all centrally controlled to improve safety, traffic congestion, energy-consumption and habitability.

In light of those advancements, the most glaring missed opportunity to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor habitability in smart cities is the use of the right kind of glass.

Just look up. Glass windows are everywhere. Glass dominates the striking facades of the urban, built environment but causes all manner of eyebrow-raising issues: 70% of a city’s electricity is consumed by buildings, and HVAC loads comprise 40% of a building’s energy use to compensate for the heat gain or loss through windows.

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