Hydrodemolition robots are being used to break down old structures while generating much less harmful noise than pneumatic and other alternatives. The robot still generates noise — about as much as a passing motorcycle — but use of a rubber hood over the site and other sound barriers, as well as remote operation, greatly lessen intrusion.



Like the air we breathe, sound is an important, yet often overlooked, part of our daily lives. Just as air quality and its effects on health have become an important part of the safety conversation, the negative effects of sound exposure on employees and the public are a growing concern in certain industries—with construction and demolition key among these.

Though vital to society’s continued progress, the excessive noise produced by erecting, remodeling, or demolishing structures contribute to a number of health concerns, including stress, hearing loss, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive impairment.

With pressure mounting from all sides, finding efficient, cost-effective ways to limit sound pollution has become a major priority for contractors. But sound-proofing an active jobsite is easier said than done.

Incorporating sound abatement techniques can reduce decibels, but there is no way to completely eliminate the biggest onsite noise polluters—machines. Contractors have begun looking to innovative manufacturers for creative equipment solutions to stem the noise.


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