If you’ve been thinking of changing up the exterior color of your home, consider picking a hue or combination of shades that will make people want to visit your home and make you smile each time you walk up to the front porch. Fortunately, inviting colors come in all different shades.




While yellow and orange make you think of the warmth of the sun, blue has long been thought of as a comforting color — and comfort is inviting.

While all people react differently to different colors, Psychology Today points out that blue lights have been known to make people feel at ease. But, blue isn’t the only color that’ll make your home help you feel at ease.

Below you’ll find 30 different paint colors that will liven up any home. From bright, fun shades to mild tones, there’s something for all tastes. And, if you don’t want to go all one color with white accents, there are some fantastic combos.


1. Daring reds
exterior color changing: Daring reds

A hue similar to the red found on barns may not be a color that first pops in your mind when it comes to painting your home. However, as you can see, it makes this house stand out in a sea of plain whites, grays, and pale blues. It’s the house people will notice first on the block.


2. Denim blues
exterior color changing:  Denim blues

If you want a blue house, go for a shade of blue that stands out and feels happy, like this medium blue hue that almost looks like the color of a favorite pair of jeans. It sure looks more fun and inviting than the pale baby blue you see on some houses.