In the early weeks of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic, safety managers at EV Construction fielded questions from employees and subcontractors who were concerned about the safety of working during the growing outbreak.

They wanted to know how company leaders planned to keep everyone healthy.The Holland, Michigan-based company met their concerns head on and quickly developed a set of protocols to ensure that jobsites were safe and clean. They sent out a steady stream of information via newsletters, emails, companywide webinars, Zoom calls and video blogs from CEO Mike Novakoski.

“By keeping people involved, we ensure they don’t have to wonder what’s going on — they know,” Novakoski told Construction Dive.While EV had some workers opt to stay home in the early days of the crisis, the company’s focus on safety and transparency has kept workers coming back to projects, about 75% of which have been deemed essential under Michigan’s stay-at-home order because they are healthcare-related.

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