Of all the DIY projects you plan to undertake, learning how to build a deck is certainly not the easiest. We’ve asked the experts for their advice on the best way to tackle the task.



Building a garden deck is no easy task to undertake. However, well-equipped, well-prepared, competent DIYers can take on this task themselves, though it is helpful to have at least one person to assist, and you should allow plenty of time to finish, especially if yours is any more complicated than a simple square on a flat, ready-laid base.

However, get the deck built and you can enjoy a whole new space outdoors. Deck ideas can elevate an otherwise underwhelming outdoor area into something rather special, providing an extra entertaining space or a sunny spot to relax in.

The most popular deck structures normally comprise of a raised wooden platform with steps to the garden or a simple decked area that sits at ground level.

From the size of the seating area to the style of the wood, you will need to consider all the options as you plan your garden deck. And if your budget does not stretch to employing a tradesperson for the job, then follow our guide on how to build a deck so you can feel confident tackling the project yourself.

Consider using a free software program to help design your deck. ‘These programs will do the layout of the framing for you and you can then download a material ordering list,’ explains a spokesperson for online planning tool, in new tab).

Think about whether you plan a flat or a raised deck. ‘It’s important to take into account the complexity, terrain and any existing substructure,’ explains Sam Toole, CMO at TimberTech (opens in new tab)a company specializing in high performance, composite decking.

Consider the size and shape of the deck you plan to build, too. ‘It comes down to how you want to see the space,’ explains Sam. ‘If you enjoy entertaining large groups, then you should think about a large deck that has multiple zones for dining, lounging and grilling.’

However, if you are after more of a private retreat in your backyard, Sam recommends keeping the deck on the smaller side.