Big changes start by getting clear on what you want and making incremental shifts to get started, writes Alli Polin. “Inner work” is important, too, such as journaling, meditating and regular check-ins with mentors, coaches or partners.



The windshield was so smudged and grimy; I could hardly see out the front window in the bright sunlight. Looking for a less blurred section, I noticed friend’s initials smeared onto the glass, probably a remnant of McDonald’s run for french fries.

I decided I wouldn’t clean it for the young driver in my household but instead let her take responsibility for the mess and the resolution. After all, how long could she drive around with a clouded splodge in front of her face every time she got into the car.

Ok, if you’re a parent or someone who was once a teenage driver, you probably know the answer to the question of “how long can they tolerate…”

The answer is an incredibly long time.

We do it too, us adults. We stare at life through a haze and accept that as our reality.

This is all there is.

I can’t see beyond this moment.

What’s next? No clue?

The future? It’s cloudy.

I’m confused but don’t want to let anyone know since they’re clear.