Your experiences can help other people while also improving your sense of belonging, perspective and energy, writes Kristin Hendrix. “Helping others can refill our cup and give us the energy for all those other demands life is throwing at us,” she writes.



Recently, I shared an older post about helping each other through the chaos on LinkedIN. Someone in my community commented on how much our engagement has helped her ride the waves of change during COVID.

My reaction was immediate. Helping her helped me.

I participate periodically in office hours with my colleague and friend, Michael Santarcangelo at Security Catalyst. In one of our sessions, we talked about the work I’ve done as a coach and mentor, and as the executive sponsor for our technical women employee resource group.

Michael asked me “Who gets more from these engagements, them or you?” It’s me, hands down.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Helping others gives me so much. I don’t want to presume it’s more or less than what others are getting from the conversation, but there’s no question about the multiplying factor of giving.

The world is pulling us in many directions. We may not feel like we have much energy left to give more. Why should we help when we are already giving (or it seems like the world is taking) so much?