Ali D. Haidar



This book addresses the process and principles of contract management in construction from an international perspective. It presents a well-structured, in-depth analysis of construction law doctrines necessary to understand the fundamentals of contract management.

The book begins with an introduction to contract management and contract law and formation. It then discusses the various parties to a contract and their relevant obligations, whether they are engineers, contractors or subcontractors. It also addresses standard practices when drafting and revising contracts, as well as what can be expected in standard contracts general clauses.

Two chapters are dedicated to contract clauses, with one focused on contract administration such as schedules, payment certificates and defects liability, and the other focused on contract management, such as terminations, dispute resolutions and claims.


This Book is Written for

This book provides a useful reference to engineers, project managers and students within the field of engineering and construction management.



1 Introduction to Contract Management
2 Construction Contract Law
.3.Types of Construction Contracts
4.Standard Forms of Contracts
5.Contract Drafting and Main Conditions
6.Time and Consts Claims
7.A-Z Guide to Contract Management and Law


Print length

200 pages



‎ Springer


Publication Date

11 Jun. 2021



15.6 x 1.27 x 23.39 cm