Chances are, a few of your bad habits have become particularly evident during the pandemic. Or maybe you’ve picked up a new bad habit altogether.

You may notice aspects of the way you keep your home that make it hard to work there effectively. Your personal habits may be grating on the people you live with. Or, maybe you’re just sick of all the time you’re spending scrolling on your phone, or hitting snooze on your alarm six times every morning.

Regardless of where it came from, your bad habit is supported by a series of brain systems that links your current mental state (what you’re wanting, thinking, and feeling) and your current physical environment with an action you want to perform. Essentially, the habit is a memory of what you are supposed to do when you are thinking or feeling something in a particular place.

Because pulling something from memory happens quickly and automatically, your habits enable you to act quickly and without having to think about it.Habits are powerful when they enable you to carry out an action you want to perform quickly. When the action is one you no longer want to do, though, it can be hard to break the habit.