On a recent trip, I took a cab ride where the driver complained loudly about unmotivated and overpaid government workers in his city.

Then he went on to share that both of his daughters work for the government. He explained how they complain to him about wanting to do some good and pursue their careers in government, but how hard that can be sometimes.

“So,” says my driver, “I tell them not to worry about it. I tell them that they should just sit back, collect a paycheck, keep their eyes on their pension, and not rock the boat.”

His advice to his daughters seemed tragic to me. He was advising them to accept the “golden handcuffs” and perform in exactly the same way that he was just complaining about.

However, I would guess that he doesn’t want his daughters to work jobs that numb their hopes, disengage their minds, and dull their energy so that they can collect a good pension for a few short years at the end of it all.