Zhi-Peng Chen De-Cheng Feng Gang Wu Ke-Jian Ma



A modified design method of a novel large-span floor system called an open-web sandwich slab (OWSS) is discussed. By considering some crucial parameters ignored in current design procedures, a new design procedure based on experiments and simulations is proposed.

Considering the dimensions of the shear keys, the linear stiffness of the chords and the linear stiffness ratio between the chords and the shear keys, four specimens were tested and the failure modes and plastic behaviour of the specimens were studied. Based on the experimental results, a series of finite-element simulations was conducted and a crucial integrality coefficient was proposed.

Based on the tests and simulations, a modified design procedure was then developed, with recommended values of some crucial coefficients. Finally, a case study was examined to show the efficiency of the new design procedure and the advantage of the OWSS; the results showed that the newly designed OWSS had advantages compared with a traditional solid beam.



beams & girders structural analysis testing, structural elements